Clay Materials
September 28-29 2019
in Fawn Grove, PA

What you learn

understanding ingredients for clay plasters and where to source them
how to test soil for clay
what makes a clay plaster suitable for sculpting
establishing your recipes
mixing techniques
how to apply & sculpt clay plasters

This course is for you if...

you want to learn the most versatile clay plaster recipe.  If you want ONE plaster workshop, THIS IS IT!

What we'll be plastering

We'll be sculpting wall surfaces inside a strawbale & cob greenhouse on our farm in PA..

What's included

one-on-one guidance from Sigi
       I teach you how to plaster!!

test out my favorite plastering tools
ample time for questions
browse books in my library
healthy lunch
free onsite camping
Cost: $145 earlybird
($225 after July 1st)