How does a Natural Home FEEL?

Natural buildings have a unique quality that is difficult to describe in words.  Spaces feel quiet and calm, like going outside after a snowfall.  You feel comforting warmth in winter and cool respite in summer, all while using less energy.  The spaces are bright with natural sunlight and the wall surfaces are tactile & luscious.  (I've yet to see a child let loose in a natural home that doesn't caress or hug the walls.)

In short, a natural home feels...well, like home!
net zero home in Maryland with strawbales, cob, & natural plasters


Designed just for you
Designed just for you

Would you like Sigi to translate your vision into a custom designed home?

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For the DIY-er
For the DIY-er

Are you looking to build your own natural home and want support to navigate the construction process?

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Get experience
Get experience

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We offer 3 services to help you live your dream of a natural home:

Why Natural Buildings?

a modern take on a strawbale home in West Virginia
To me,
a building is designed should respond to
it is built.
  Orienting with sun and wind patterns to create comfort without using energy.  Using materials that are locally abundant and non-toxic.  And using time-tested techniques that encourage participation during construction.

All of this just makes sense to me, and results in design solutions that beg the question:
"Why doesn't everyone build this way?"

Learn more about my approach to design
Learn more about my design process
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for anyone who dreams of a durable, energy efficient home made with local, abundant, natural materials

Do you dream of a home built with natural materials?

A home designed to ensure super energy efficiency...?
A home that reflects your personality and lifestyle...?
A home that is beautiful and functional...?

Down to Earth Design makes your dream possible!

Natural building is our sole focus and has been for over two decades.  Designing over three dozen buildings that are compliant with U.S. codes, are durable for any climate, and that enable owner-participation during construction.
Natural Building Made Possible

Debunking Some Natural Building Myths

You don't need to worry about the big
bad wolf.
  Maybe that's obvious, but the fact
remains that many myths exist about the
efficacy of natural buildings.  Let's debunk a few
of these misunderstandings:

✓Yes, you can build durably with straw, even
in a wet climate
✓No, strawbale buildings are not flammable;
they actually exceed fire code requirements
✓Yes, you can get a standard building permit
✓Yes, you can get insurance & financing

Keep an eye out for an in-depth article on this topic
looking down on the adobe floor in a meditation space

designing natural buildings & empowering people to construct them

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