Strawbale House Plans

You dream of building a natural home.  Something  
super energy efficient and healthy.  A home that is  
well-designed and space efficient.  That you can help  
construct, because the methods are easy to learn.

But your budget doesn't include hiring an architect  
and you've never built a home before!  You would  
love to have support getting started.  Support that  
continues through the whole construction process.

We have a great option for you!

We offer natural building plans that come with the  
same support tools developed for our custom design  
clients.  You get detailed drawings that comply with  
U.S. building codes.  Plus you can access online tools  
to help with the many decisions you'll make & the  
natural building components of your home.
In the Box
What you receive in the mail
When I design a custom home, the client receives more than just a set of construction drawings.  They
benefit from many support tools I've developed over the past 20 years.  Tools to help with decisions,
answers to natural building questions, and support for the many issues that come up during construction.

These off-the-shelf strawbale house plans give you access to those same support tools!
What You Get
Beyond the Box
Online support tools
Access to Sigi
one-on-one phone time
A few bonus items
The Plans
The Plans

Show me all of the house designs

What's in the Box
What's in the Box

Curious about what you get in the mail when you order?


Support doesn't end when your box arrives...

Custom Design
Custom Design

Are you looking for a custom home designed to fit your lifestyle?

Coming   soon!
Seriously...when I say you get support tools...I mean super support tools!
Serious Support
Beyond the Box
Beyond the Box
Beyond the Box

And more...

Building a home is stressful.  You make an overwhelming number of decisions.  Plus you are
embarking on a huge emotional and financial investment.  Possibly the biggest one of your life.  I
would want support through all of that!  Which is why these plans come with exactly that...
Coming   soon!!

natural homes on a budget

Every plan integrates natural materials: straw, clay, wood, stone.  And includes instructions & support for construction methods.
Each plan is designed with passive solar strategies and high insulation, which means you use very little energy to stay comfortable.
All house designs minimize site disturbance and outline stormater control strategies to reduce environmental impacts.
You get more out of each square foot of when storage is integrated, spaces are multi-functional, and you flow without hallways.
Every Design Is...
I promise never ever to sell or share any of your
contact info with anyone.  Ever.
I promise never ever to sell or share any of
your contact info with anyone.  Ever.
We are finalizing the
finishing touches for
our strawbale plans &
support tools.
We expect to have them available
in early 2020.  If you would like
an email letting you know when
the plans are available, click here:
Read my Strawbale Overview to understand why building with straw is a great choice
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