sculpted cob entry wall in MD

tadelakt shower with clay walls in MD strawbale home

tiny strawbale studio apartment in VA

tadelakt accent wall

sculpted cob mass wall in MD strawbale home

gable window in a straw home

mosaic on cob

cob bench at a strawbale winery in MD

living roof on PA strawbale studio

breakfast nook in WV strawbale home

exterior of strawbale home in PA

aqua bottles in a cob wall

strawbale addition outside Washington DC

entryway to a strawbale home in VA

truth window

cob mass wall in a passive solar strawbale home in WV

adobe floor

strawbale studio in MD

Every project integrates:

Natural, sustainable  &
healthy building materials
Renewable energy options
dovetailed into the design
Living roofs that keep out the
heat of summer sun
Lime plaster or durable siding
outside for weather resistance
Natural clay plasters inside,
harvested from the building site
Super insulating strawbale walls
for low energy consumption
Rubble trench foundations
with lower cost & less disturbance
Natural daylighting ensures
excellent quality light inside
Passive solar design for free
winter heat & summer coolness

Project Portfolio

Below is a sampling of buildings

designed by Sigi...all natural, all

with standard permit approval.

Want to Work Together?

Sigi designs natural buildings primarily in the mid-
Atlantic & Northeast regions (including DC, MD, VA,  
WV, DE, PA, & NJ).  I also have a process for  
working with clients that are farther away.

If you want to explore working together: EMAIL  
ME!  I'll send you a vision worksheet to clarify your  
project scope & see if your goals are in alignment  
with my skills.

a sampling of Sigi's projects

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